Saturday, August 10, 2013

Can I Get a Witness? Explaining the upcoming Book and Documentary

Exactly one year ago I began to contemplate writing a book and making a documentary on a topic very dear to my heart, Jehovah's Witnesses.  I have been out of the Watchtower for nearly 5 years, and in my new walk as a Christian I have encountered hundreds of other Christians who know very little about Jehovah's Witnesses.  In fact for many of my new friends, all they knew about the Witnesses was that I used to be one.  

As I began thinking about what I could write about I knew that I wanted to produce something different, I did not want to put out another book or film about "how wrong" the Witnesses are in their teachings, or how they are a "cult" and "false prophets".  There are plenty of books from people of the outside looking into the Watchtower organization and trying to debunk their teachings, and there are plenty of films of ex-JW's being critical of the Watchtower Society.  I did not want to simply critique my former religion, I wanted to help people understand my former religion.  You see, in my 5 years as a Born again Christian most  believers were totally oblivious to the history and teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, and even if they learned about their teachings how would they be able to minister effectively to them when they came knocking on the door?  Where do you begin?  I also wanted a book that if lets say a my JW brother or sister picked up and read it, they would understand why I left and understand that I am not simply some crazy "apostate", but a Christian who truly loves them enough to speak the truth to them.

This book and documentary project is a result of a dire need, we need more Christians in the Church to stand up and give a witness to Jehovah's Witnesses.  Thus was born, "Can I Get a Witness?".  This project is aimed at Christians to help educate them about Jehovah's Witnesses from the eyes of someone who was born and raised as one, from someone who loved it and defended it proudly.  In the book I help the reader understand the mindset I had as a Jehovah's Witness, what the Watchtower taught and why I believed it.  I then offer a Biblical defense of the real Christian teachings on topics such as the deity of Christ, the Trinity, life after death, Heaven, Hell, Paradise Earth and many more.  The book is not meant to be an exhaustive commentary on every aspect of Watchtower theology, and I will not cover every single controversy in the JW religion.  But I will offer key insight on the history, teachings and mindset of Jehovah's Witnesses, while also equipping the reader with a defense for the true gospel.

The documentary will be a lead in for the book.  My goal for the "Can I Get a Witness?" film is to highlight the fact that many Christians know very little about Jehovah's Witnesses, and offer reasons why it is important that true Christians be "ready to offer a defense for the hope within" (1 Peter 3:15), and be obedient to the call of our Master Christ, and be witnesses of Him to people of all faiths and backgrounds. (Acts 1:8) In the documentary I interview Christians, non-Christians, Pastors, and EX-JW's on various topics of JW's.  I also highlight a personal journey to the mecca of Jehovah's Witnesses, the Brooklyn Headquarters of the Watchtower Society. 

Please be in prayer for me as I finish up the remaining chapters of my book and the final editing stages of the documentary.  I have encountered a lot of opposition to this book within my JW family circle, but I know that it is God's perfect will that I continue forward with these projects.  I am excited to announce that the book and full 20 minute documentary will release early this fall, with the book being published on ebook and physical copy by Amazon, and the documentary will be released on Youtube.  Help spread the word to friends and family, your churches and pastors.  Together we can help fellow believers be equipped with the Good News, and with the ability to give a witness to Jehovah's Witnesses. Can I Get a Witness?

Check out the trailer for the upcoming book and documentary, "Can I Get a Witness?"

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